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About Us

Since 1994, we've focused solely on stand design and assembly,

a task that truly inspires us.

We work diligently, energetically, and with utmost respect for our clients, delivering unique, inspiring, and enduring designs backed by sound judgment, top-notch craftsmanship, and punctuality.

Our team of experts is closely knit and dedicated to achieving the stand's goals. We share this simple formula daily with our clients and suppliers.


In the dynamic landscape of trade shows, Createc is a pioneer in innovative booth design.
Our team prioritizes organic, avant-garde, and unforgettable design, continually updating with the latest materials and finishes for a modern aesthetic.
Our booths integrate cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and AI, offering immersive experiences that boost engagement and offer your brand a competitive edge.
We enhance visitor interaction utilizing active tools and spaces for lead capture and data processing.
Committed to sustainability, we drive our sustainable journey from the inception of exhibition stands to deconstruction. Our emphasis on using natural, organic materials and material reutilization minimizes our environmental footprint."
Partner with us to make your booth stand out at any event.



Indoor Booths

Outdoor Booths



Raul López Rossi

Coca Cola

"I worked with Createcstands on several occasions for important clients such as Coca-Cola and SC Johnson, and in all cases, the results were excellent. They are creative, serious, and rigorous people. I have extensive experience in communication (I was General Creative Director of Ogilvy, Grey, and DDB in Buenos Aires, Regional Creative Director of Leo Burnett in Miami, and owner of my own agency) and have always achieved a very clear understanding with Santiago and his team."

María Vega


Lic. Arturo Ramirez Hyundai Motor

Isabel R. Belloso

Ford Motor

Diego Fernandez Sanz


"It has been a very rewarding experience working with Createc. They are genuine professionals who quickly grasped what we wanted and designed a perfect stand for us. Santiago took care of every detail, and they adapted to the tight deadline we gave them. We will definitely work together again!"

"Createc has been our trusted partner in building stands, both indoors and outdoors. They excel at materializing our vision and standing out at trade shows. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail are unmatched. They're key to our event success."

"For more than a decade, we've partnered with Createc, and our collaboration has been incredibly reassuring. This stems not only from their consistent delivery of fresh and creative ideas but also from their approach that instills confidence. They respond promptly to any inquiry and consistently offer innovative solutions."

"The Createc team delivered an outstanding booth. Their creativity and precision in execution were impressive. They've tackled complex situations and consistently met deadlines. They are a reliable partner to stand out at any trade show."


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Headquarters: Ribera del Manzanares 109  •  28008  •  Madrid

Warehouse:  Calle Malamata 45  •  45529  •  Madrid

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  • Facebook
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Get in Touch with us today: • 
Headquarters: Ribera del Manzanares 109  •  28008  •  Madrid

Warehouse:  Av. Marques de Corbera 22  •  28017  •  Madrid

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